Streamline Consultants is a sister company to Peton Andresen AS, and hereby subsequently offer services within the establishment of new business’ in Norway:

  • Assisting in negotiations with commercial property development companies in locating the best suitable premises available in regards to branching into, and establishing a new store in Oslo.
  • Assisting in negotiations with city and local representatives.
  • Preparing and issuing documents for all City and Local approvals, alongside any proposed architectural plans/drawings.
  • Preparing/presenting legal contracts in regards to the leasing agreement in conjunction with the law firm.
  • Acting as a local representative for your company during the initial phase.
  • Assisting your company in obtaining formal approval of the construction works, including all necessary documents/certificates to permit the opening of the store at the prescribed date.

Key People
Greta Kirkwood Andresen (Director/Partner)
Stein Haugbro (Partner)
Trygve Peton Andresen (Partner)

Greta Kirkwood Andresenhas a PgDip in Journalism from the Scottish Centre of Journalism Studies from Strathclyde University, Glasgow and a BA (hons) in Photography from Napier University, Edinburgh. She has been the Gallery Director of Gallery, an art gallery she established in Oslo with a social profile. The gallery worked in conjunction with, however independently from the Third Step Gallery in Glasgow, together with Peter Howson (one of Scotland’s most celebrated, yet controversial artists). He is widely known as the official War Artist in Bosnia and Kosovo for the Imperial War Museum in London.

Simultaneously, she has had private graphic design commissions. A short work placement at the Herald newspaper (Edinburgh Office). Prior to joining Streamline Consultants, she has been working as Design Assistant, Photographer and Translator for Peton Andresen AS, Architects, and played an active part in the earlier mentioned establishments (engaged in translating tenancy agreements and technical specifications, reference imaging etc on projects such as Louis Vuitton, Timberland, Mango, H&M to name a few).

Stein Haugbro has a BSc (Hons) degree in Civil Engineering from University of Strathclyde. He has more than 25 years experience in property development business, covering construction management, acquisitions, letting, sales and facility management of commercial properties. Prior to joining Streamline Consultants he has since 1984 been Managing Director of several property development companies such as Orkla Eiendom AS, NCC Property Development AS and Scandinavian Property Development ASA. Mr. Stein Haugbro has been engaged as board member in companies, such as Ferd Eiendom AS and Selvaag Pluss Eiendom KS and presently in Skeie Real Estate AS and Betonmast Bygg AS. He has previously also been a member of the Investment Committee of Aberdeen Property Investors Norway.

Trygve Peton Andresen has a degree in Architecture from the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow in 1976.  He was a Project Architect for a Norwegian architect firm for over 6 years before he joined a major property development company (Tor Andenæs AS) in Oslo for a period of 4 years prior to opening his own firm in 1987, Peton Andresen AS, Architects. He has been the Managing Director of this company since it was established, and his clients for the last 20 years have been some of the largest and most active property development companies in Oslo.

During this time, Trygve Peton Andresen has been involved in the establishment of several foreign companies in the city of Oslo, and his experience triggered him to establish a new company, Streamline Consultants, together with a former colleague, Mr. Stein Haugbro and his daughter, Greta Kirkwood Andresen.